Club membership dues: Annual Membership: $15.00
Life Membership: $100.00 ($7.00 yearly tag renewal)

Club benefits: Bag Tag Challenge, Support disc golf in Lubbock(money used to enhance tournaments, and improve course) $2.00 discount on club discs

2007 Officers:
President: Patrick Kitten, Treasurer: Rob Lee, Secretary: Matt Ryan

Club goals:
1. Have fun through more participation and fair competition.
2. Increase the number and quality of courses in Lubbock.
a. McAlister course
b. Eventually have two 18-hole courses at Mackenzie
c. Pole course at Dunbar-Waterfall area.
3. Increase the number of players and club members in 2007.
4. Contribute to our community by offering an inexpensive exercise option for all ages and abilites, and raising funds for charities at two annual events.

Disc Golf Courses in Lubbock:
1. Mackenzie Park
Mackenzie Scorecard

2. McAlister Park
McAlister Scorecard

Club Events:

Weekly Tournaments: (for more info, check the links at the bottom of this page)
Saturday Doubles 2:00 PM (TD: Rob Lee), $6.00 entry, Club Cash payout
Sunday Singles 2:00 PM (TD: Varies), $6.00 entry, Cash payout
Thursday evening 6:00 PM (TD: S. Logan) During Daylight Savings Time only, TD’s choice: singles or doubles, $6.00 entry, Club Cash payout

Monthly Tournaments: (for more info, check the links at the bottom of this page)
Tuesday evening 6:00 PM 1st Tues. at McAlister, all other Tuesdays at MacKenzie (TD: Varies) During Daylight Savings Time only, Singles $6.00 entry, Club Cash payout
Quarterly Tournaments: (click the tourney title for more info.)
Ice Bowl: The Sunday between NFL playoffs and the Superbowl, benefits the South Plains Food Bank, Format: Singles and Doubles

American Cancer Society Relay for Life Tourney: (Click for results) Thursday April 19, Singles; TD: Matt Ryan

Father’s Day Fling: Saturday, June 16, PDGA C-Tier, Singles. TD: Sherri Logan

Big Arms on the Brazos: Oct. 13-14th, This is our club’s main event. PDGA B tier, Singles by Division. TD: Marcus Roberts

Club Meetings:
March 1
April 10
May 23

August 9

Next Meeting:
Tuesday Sept. 26th, Location to be determined @ 7:00 pm

Bag Tag Challenge: Round 1 Round 2

1. Daily: When members play together, tags are exchanged based on scores at the end of the round(mainly for bragging rights).

2. Quarterly: Four times a year (at the end of three months: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), scores are tallied and prizes are given for various things such as (but not limited to): low round, low average (10 best rounds), most rounds played, worst round, most improved player, etc.. For this to work, the course layout needs to remain the same for each quarter (90 days).

3. Yearly: Bag Tags are retired and awarded to players based on the four quarterly results combined.

Rules: For a score to be “official”, it must:
1. Be witnessed by another club member(unless it is at an official club function) and recorded on a score card.
2. The witness must tally the score to double check it for accuracy.
3. Be submitted within three days of when it was played.
4. Be played according to PDGA rules and special course rules (mandos, etc).

To submit scores-- submit score card to Matt Ryan or
email: or
leave a phone message: 866-0268